lean in - reviews

release date May 19, 2023

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke / Lean In

Gretchen Parlato's latest work is a collaborative album with her ally, genius guitarist Lionel Loueke, and finally realized after 20 years.

In her latest work, Gretchen Parlato has evolved musically as an artist from her previous work "Flor", and since…

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Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke, Lean In

by Steph Cosme, Staccatofy, June 5, 2023

Lean In captures the multifaceted brilliance of Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke, a blend of unique musical, linguistic diversity, and genre-fluid artistry. This album serves as a beacon of creative exploration, weaving

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke Lean In

by Jim Hynes, Making a Scene, May 20, 2023

Only synergistic, like-minded musicians could craft an album so rich in rhythms, textures and harmonies through the use of so few instruments.

Although the duo of vocalist-arranger Gretchen Parlato and guitarist-vocalist …

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Best of New In Music This Week: May 19

by Craig Byrd, Cultural Attaché

Lean In - Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke

Vocalist/songwriter Parlato and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Loueke team up for this album of 12 songs – most of them composed by Loueke and Parlato. There are a couple of…

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Lean In

- John Fordham, The Guardian, May 19, 2023

The long rapport between unique American vocalist Gretchen Parlato and frequent Herbie Hancock guitar partner Lionel Loueke illuminates the alluring Lean In (Edition). Loueke’s Benin roots on the joyously buoyant Akwê, Parlato’s…

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke – Lean in

by Chris Baber, Jazz Views, May 18, 2023

Parlato’s husky vocals finding sympathetic accompaniment in Loueke’s guitar and voice. At times, Loueke’s plucked guitar takes on the timbre of a kora or other traditional stringed instruments. At other times, his

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A Dexterous Jazz Duo

By Martin Johnson, Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2023

The less-is-more approach is as old as music itself, but very few performers on the contemporary jazz scene are as accomplished at it as Ms. Parlato and Mr. Loueke.

Vocalist and…

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke - Lean In

Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail,

With Lean In, American singer Gretchen Parlato and Benin-born guitarist Lionel Loueke celebrate musical cultures in a successful pairing where they complement each other on 12 absorbing cuts. This session, a response to pandemic…

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke - Lean In

by Thierry De Clemensat, Bayou Blue News,  Paris Move

“no superlative would be powerful enough to describe it. …Joe Zawinul and his group Weather Report paved the way for joyful cultural blends, which are only mastered by the greatest…

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke: Lean In

by Ammar Kalia, the Hot Box, Downbeat

The twin vocal styles of Parlato and Loueke — melismatic and effortlessly melodic for the former, percussive and intricately powerful for the latter — are the perfect match. Through voice and guitar alone…

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Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke: Lean In

by James Hale, the Hot Box, Downbeat

Spritely, delightful and snapping with syncopated percussion, this has the feel of a classic summer jam. Parlato has never sounded better.

10 Albums You Need to Know: May 2023

by Matt Micucci, JAZZIZ

Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke, Lean In (Edition)

Lean In showcases the earthy connection and palpable synergy of musical collaborators and friends, vocalist Gretchen Parlato and guitarist Lionel Loueke. 
The soul-stirring set finds them joined by…