gp & lio since 2001...

G: “It was 2001 and we were the last two to audition. I heard him audition through the door from the hallway and he blew me away. He’s so captivating that, even without seeing him, I could hear he was absolutely incredible."

L:  “I remember listening to Gretchen because I was packing my gear up when she sang for the judges — Herbie, Wayne Shorter and Terence Blanchard. I heard her voice through the door, a beautiful, natural, right-in-tune voice."

 Thelonious Monk Institute (now Herbie Hancock Institute) 2001-2003

G: "As students we spent two years in an ensemble together, and realized that we wanted to try playing as a duo. I moved to New York at the same time, so when I had a gig, I would ask him.. Sometimes we did it as a duo, sometimes with a band, but we often performed together. So Lionel was my earliest collaborator."

L:  "It was clear for me, musically speaking, that Gretchen and I had something really unique — the way we played together. We did a lot of stuff in New York, and it confirmed we could keep growing our connection."

GP Wins Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals Competition, Sep 2004

G: "He's someone who finishes my musical sentences ...someone whom I completely trust and admire, He makes it feel easy, yet what he does is beyond-words difficult and challenging."

L: "She's my musical soulmate. With Gretchen, I’m completely free because I know that — whatever I play — she will sing something that fits the chord and vice versa. We can always explore each other and make music as if we were on an adventure. We challenge each other at the same time, so there’s no comfort zone — we get into the Unknown Zone.” 


Wayne Shorter Footprints Book Release Party NYC,  2005

Wayne Shorter biography by Michelle Mercer


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