live in nyc

Gretchen Parlato Live in NYC 57th Grammy nominee

Grammy Nominee - Best Jazz Vocal Album
4.5 stars Downbeat  Magazine

a live performance cd & dvd
produced by gretchen parlato 

* CD  tracks 1, 3, 4, 6: 
taylor eigsti - piano, keyboards 
alan hampton - bass 
mark guiliana - drums 

** CD tracks 2, 7, 8, 9: 
taylor eigsti - piano, keyboards 
burniss earl travis II - bass 
kendrick scott - drums   

1. weak **  
2. butterfly *  
3. alô alô *  
4. better than **  

 "A stunning recording.  A sublime experience.  You never rate genius, you celebrate it.
This is a most organic self portrait of the evolution of perhaps the most gifted vocalist to burst onto the scene in the last twenty five years. A jazz singer, a vocal artist, a lyrical poet all seem to be futile attempts at labeling a talent that truly transcends genre."

—  Brent Black, bop-n-jazz

"From 10,000 feet, Live in NYC is a study in suspension. Parlato puts her voice and phrasing into the ether, seemingly where it exists attached to nothing. Pianist Taylor Eigsti and the band accomplish very much the same thing: sound untethered, floating among one another. The effect is one of spacial disconnection, with each voice easily isolated and heard. But when these disparately sounding elements are brought together and managed in the same time space (and at a given tempo and signature), it all makes sonic sense...very progressive sonic sense."

— C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz