reviews: live in nyc

release date September 24, 2013

Gretchen Parlato receives Grammy nomination for ´Live In NYC´  
By: Paula Edelstein, AXS, Dec 19, 2014    

"Los Angeles native Gretchen Parlato has accrued a passionate fan base through her tireless touring and engaging stage presence, leading her quartet and performing with jazz masters Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Kenny Burrell and notable vocalists Anthony Hamilton and Gregory Porter... The [9 songs] capture Gretchen´s expressive vocals and arrangements... reveals the artistic growth which has expanded well beyond a single stage and become two diversified ensembles that are appreciated internationally. "Holding Back The Years," is creatively reworked and is now a potential jazz standard that is certain to be added to many jazz vocalist´s repertoires."   

Review: 4 stars   
Gretchen Parlato — Live in NYC   
by Peter Quinn, Jazzwise Magazine, UK   

"irrefutable proof that - with the right singer and the right band - vocal jazz can be every bit as daring, rhythmically inventive and dramatic as the best instrumental jazz. Parlato´s musicianship is of an immensely high order." 

Gretchen Parlato: Live in NYC
by Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network   
February 9, 2014

"She is spiritual to the extent that she sings from the bottom of her very soul; indeed from the bottom of her very being. She bends and twists notes, phrases and as a result her lines are like the proverbial double helix and which dances almost head over heels.   

Live in extraordinary album to listen to and to behold." 

Review:   4 1/2 stars   
Gretchen Parlato — Live in NYC
Allen Morrison, Downbeat Magazine   
February 2014

"Often praised for her subtlety, Gretchen Parlato is a singer-arranger of consummate control and slow-burning intensity. The L.A. native lives at the crossroads of sensuous and spiritual, singing from deep within hypnotic grooves with enormous rhythmic sophistication."  

Gretchen Parlato  -  Live In NYC   
Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes   
Jan 21, 2014

"Parlato´s most striking quality across these nine tracks is her intrinsic appreciation of, and seamless blending with, her musical environment."   

"There´s a sky full of stars," she sings, "so just be who you are," a rather perfect summation of her unaffected, unassuming and utterly mesmerizing self." 

Gretchen Parlato: Live in NYC
Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times   
Dec 27, 2013 

"Parlato uses her soft, supple voice like a horn, though without ever loosing grasp of lyrics and meaning. In particular, her habit of repeating her own lines until they blur into mesmerizing rhythmic phrases brilliantly flirts with serialism and abstraction without ever falling in."  

Festive 50 - the Top 10   
Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast   
22 December 2013

#8 - Gretchen Parlato Live In NYC:   
"deep and intimate...reveals the musicians at the top of their game – taking risks, flying free and soaring."