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 release date April 5, 2011

#1 iTunes Top Jazz Album for 4 weeks upon release

Gretchen Parlato - The Lost and Found
By Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"Gretchen Parlato is emerging as the most important jazz singer since Cassandra Wilson. Her vocal approach is so unique and her repertoire so eclectic that she stands to create a jazz vocal genre unto herself."   

Young Blood - Old Guard   
Michael J. West, Washington City Paper, Apr. 14, 2011   

"it's indisputable that she sounds like no one else working in jazz today. Parlato is, in fact, arguably the emblematic jazz vocalist of her generation, and perhaps the most visionary to come along in a generation” 

Gretchen Parlato - The Lost and Found #2 Best Jazz of 2011
A Blog Supreme, NPR, Patrick Jarenwattananon     

"Gretchen Parlato is a "different," or "new" type of jazz singer... On The Lost and Found, her third and best album yet, she and her band marshal this original sound on sambas, singer-songwriterly duets, pop covers, tunes by peers, a remix, reconfigured jazz classics, head-bobbers, ballads and a healthy dose of original material. It's catchy, tuneful stuff with contemporary vibrations — especially those of the R&B defined by hip-hop soul. Happily, it also retains the real-time interaction and harmolodic richness native to an older black popular music, one at the dawn of its second century."

Gretchen Parlato "The Lost and Found" 
Andrew Lienhard, All About Jazz, Apr 19, 2011    

"Gretchen Parlato's The Lost and Found, the Monk Competition winner's much anticipated third release, secures her position as the leading vocalist in New York's under-40 jazz scene. On this 15-track program, Parlato and producer Robert Glasper blend musical styles like so many cocktails. They purposefully demonstrate that Hip-Hop has a quiet side, that you needn't be from Brazil to play its music, and that a mere whisper can incite goose bumps.”

Gretchen Parlato -
The Lost and Found - 4 stars   
Rising jazz singer keeps getting better   
Stewart Mason, Critical Mob   

"Parlato is a remarkably controlled, self-assured singer, which makes her occasional leaps into unrestrained passion -- the climax of her original "Winter Wind," her vocal recasting of Wayne Shorter's post-bop classic "Juju" -- all the more arresting... one of jazz's most important young talents." 

The Lost and Found: Top 50 Albums of 2011 

"Gretchen Parlato possesses what Brazilians call saudade. This mysterious quality, found only in the best singers, is reflected as the sound of deepest longing — for love, for home or for country, for the past and a future unknown. Although Parlato isn't Brazilian, she's comfortable voicing this insatiable state of desire. On her third album, The Lost and Found, she brings that yearning to her original compositions and popular R&B covers..."

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