performance reviews

Gretchen Parlato at the Jazz Standard 

Nick Catalano, All That Jazz

"The New Year was dramatically ushered in at The Jazz Standard on January 2nd when Gretchen Parlato and her band wowed an SRO audience with some of the most prescient music of the season. No…

Review: Gretchen Parlato Flor

Angela Perez, BeMelbourne 

Hailed as one of the most important jazz singers since Cassandra Wilson, Gretchen Parlato is the kind of artist that comes along once in a generation. 

"It could be said that the measure of an artist can…

Gretchen Parlato conquered the Lions with her voice

By Eloy Japhet Esquivel Jueves, April 19, 2018, El Sol de León, Sociales

"The angelic voice of Gretchen Parlato enthralled the attendees ... the jazz vocalist, who before being on the terrace of the Bicentennial stepped on the prestigious concert…

Gretchen Parlato: puts you in a spell with a murmur

Jesús Quintero 

(google translation from Spanish) It is inevitable to rely on metaphors, because what Gretchen Parlato offers is the opportunity to see how with her voice she draws a point that - almost evanescent, of intense faint appearance -…

"She softens the delivery, but she does not soften the blow. 

Michael J. West, Washington City Paper  

"The name Gretchen Parlato has been repeated and praised often enough that any jazz fan who hasn't heard her can be skeptical. But once you hear her, chances are you'll be startled anyway. She's…