live in nyc

Gretchen Parlato Live in NYC 57th Grammy nominee

Grammy Nominee - Best Jazz Vocal Album
4.5 stars Downbeat  Magazine

1. butterfly * (hancock,maupin) 
2. all that i can say ** (hill) 
3. alô alô * (da viola) 
4. within me * (jacob) 
5. holding back the years * (hucknall, moss) 
6. juju * (shorter, parlato) 
7. weak ** (morgan) 
8. on the other side ** (jacob) 
9. better than * (parlato) 

1. weak ** 
2. butterfly * 
3. alô alô * 
4. better than ** 

* taylor eigsti, alan hampton, mark guiliana:  
   CD  tracks 1, 3, 4, 6. 
** taylor eigsti, burniss earl travis II, kendrick scott:  
    CD tracks 2, 7, 8, 9.


“Gretchen Parlato is a singer-arranger of consummate control and slow-burning intensity... 
lives at the crossroads of sensuous and spiritual, singing from deep within hypnotic grooves with enormous rhythmic sophistication.” 

— Allen Morrison, Downbeat Magazine

"From 10,000 feet, Live in NYC is a study in suspension. Parlato puts her voice and phrasing into the ether, seemingly where it exists attached to nothing. Pianist Taylor Eigsti and the band accomplish very much the same thing: sound untethered, floating among one another. The effect is one of spacial disconnection, with each voice easily isolated and heard. But when these disparately sounding elements are brought together and managed in the same time space (and at a given tempo and signature), it all makes sonic sense...very progressive sonic sense."

— C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

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the lost and found

gretchen parlato — the lost and found

gretchen parlato

produced by gretchen parlato
    & robert glasper
obliqsound records, 2011

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  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    juju 1:14
  5. 5
    still 0:58
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
    henna 1:02
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No 1 Vocal Album of the Year - 2011 Jazz Critics Poll 
No 1 Vocal Album of the Year - iTunes Jazz 
No 1 Best Album of the Year - 


1. holding back the years (hucknall, moss) 
2. winter wind (parlato) 
3. how we love (parlato) 
4. juju (shorter, parlato) 
5. still (hampton, parlato) 
6. better than (parlato) 
7. alô alô (da viola) 
8. circling (parlato) 
9. henya (akinmusire, parlato) 
10. in a dream remix (glasper, parlato) 
11. all that i can say (hill) 
12. me and you (mease) 
13. blue in green (evans, d'ambrosio) 
14. the lost and found (stephens, parlato) 
15. without a sound (eigsti, parlato)

gretchen parlato . voice, percussion  
taylor eigsti . piano. fender rhodes  
dayna stephens . tenor saxophone  
alan hampton . vocals, guitar   
derrick hodge . bass  
kendrick scott . drums 

"Parlato is arguably the emblematic jazz vocalist of her generation, and perhaps the most visionary to come along in a generation”
— Michael West, Washington City Paper

"Gretchen Parlato is emerging as the most important jazz singer since Cassandra Wilson. Her vocal approach is so unique and her repertoire so eclectic that she stands to create a jazz vocal genre unto herself." — Michael Bailey, All About Jazz 

"—leagues ahead of the year’s other vocal jazz recordings...her near-whispers—a sort of seduction through vulnerability...
 a careful listen reveals her extraordinary confidence — audible gasps are devices for suspense and rhythm... revealing Parlato’s mastery of rhythm — emotional depth, subtlety, and the kind of precise technical craft where even the breathing sounds matter.

     — Michael J. West, Washington City Paper 

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in a dream

No 1 Vocal Jazz Album of the Year - 2009 Jazz Critics' Poll 


1. i can't help it (wonder, green) 
2. within me (jacob) 
3. butterfly (hancock,maupin) 
4. in a dream (glasper, parlato) 
5. doralice (almeida, caymmi) 
6. turning into blue (hampton, parlato) 
7. esp (shorter) 
8. azure (ellington, mills) 
9. on the other side (jacob) 
10. weak (morgan) 
gretchen parlato . voice/percussion 
lionel loueke . guitar/voice 
aaron parks . piano 
derrick hodge . bass 
kendrick scott . drums

"Parlato's time has arrived... 
the most alluring jazz vocal album of 2009."  
— Billboard Magazine 

"leagues ahead of the year's other vocal jazz recordings."  
— Michael J. West, Washington City Paper 

"The first truly original vocal jazz cd in many years."
— Jazz Radio Berlin

"Parlato has all the makings of jazz ascendancy. She has held her own with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, and her rapport with the acoustic guitarist Lionel Loueke is very nearly profound."   

— Nate Chinen, Jazz Times  

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gretchen parlato

gretchen parlato

gretchen parlato

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produced by gretchen parlato, 2005

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5 Best Progressive Jazz CDs of 2005 by Jazz Nation, KPR
Brazilian Jazz Bestseller, Amazon
4-year Top Seller, CDbaby


1. skylark (carmichael) 
2. flor de lis (d’javan) 
3. come to me (björk) 
4. nonvignon (loueke) 
5. ela é carioca (jobim) 
6. chega de saudade (jobim) 
7. benny's tune (loueke) 
8. juju/footprints (shorter, lyrics - gp) 

gretchen parlato . voice/percussion 
lionel loueke . guitar/voice 
aaron parks . piano 
massimo biolcati . bass 
café . percussion  
"quietly passionate... charts an original and beautiful path" — KPR

"Beautiful voice. The pitch, everything is perfect... She sings beautifully... 5 stars" — Richard Bona, Downbeat Blindfold Test

"Superb vocal control and uncanny musicality allow her to dive to the bottom of a song without rippling its surface. Backed by an empathetic combo throughout, she opens with a stunningly ingenuous rendition of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Skylark” over a Latin rhythm and continues to captivate with tunes by Djavan, Björk, Loueke, Jobim and Shorter."  — Mel Minter,