Gretchen Parlato - FLOR

LONDON JAZZ NEWS, by Nikki Shrire

A major new album– after eight long years – from the much admired and hugely influential vocalist GRETCHEN PARLATO is something to look forward to in 2021. She and fellow singer Nicky Schrire met – remotely, across continents – and talked…  

The prospect of interviewing vocalist Gretchen Parlato for LondonJazz News prompted flashbacks to fancy Vanity Fair and New Yorker profiles. We’d meet at a wood-clad coffee joint and she’d ask for almond milk and honey in her tea. In reality, it’s 2020 and the pandemic that has shaken the world asunder means we are “meeting” over Zoom. Parlato is in Los Angeles and I’m ten hours ahead of her in Cape Town. However, all is not lost. We both cradle mugs of tea, which we sip throughout our hour and a half virtual chat. 

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