november 7th "finding your own voice" workshop (sold out)

information for attendees:

saturday november 7, 1:30-3:30p

michiko studios
149 w 46th st, nyc

we'll discuss and exercise methods for finding your voice and discovering a deeper connection to your art

our voice in our art is a direct extension and reflection of who we are.
my own goal, and what i try to pass on to students, is to reveal
what is deep in the heart and core of ourselves through our voice,
finding and telling your own unique story in your music.

i think of our art on three levels:
    the technical the emotional the spiritual.

we’ll tap into all three, and realize their interweaving
and how to genuinely and honestly connect to each.

we each have our own path on this journey and transformation as artists.
i feel its my role to pass on the knowledge I’ve been given from my teachers and personal experience,
in hopes that it will help someone else find their own.

      note taking supplies
      a song to sing (with chart)
i look forward to spending the afternoon with you!   gretchen