jovino santos neto – veja o som (see the sound)
adventure music, 2010

    by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Jovino Santos Neto - piano
Gretchen Parlato - voice

2-cd set: also featuring duets with -
Mike Marshall, Paquito D'Rivera,
Bill Frisell, Airto Moreira, and others.

SHATiFF Lovebird
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"Gretchen Parlato gives a breathy, hesitant, and pain-filled interpretation of Jobim’s “How Insensitive” that is as flat-out brilliant as it is devastating." — Hermon Joyner, Audiophile Audition

"How Insensitive,” the great Jobim bossa —wait until you hear Gretchen Parlato’s ultra-intimate and super-sensitive rendering...what the song’s all about. Just Jovino Santos Neto chording softly to the softest of softest whispering of the song: the loneliness, the regret, the acceptance of knowing, of empathy when a love affair is over."
— Bob Gish, Jazz Inside Magazine