justin vasquez - triptych

Justin Vasquez - alto,
    soprano saxophones
Adam Rogers - acoustic,
    electric guitars
Aaron Parks - piano
Clarence Penn - drums
Gretchen Parlato - voice
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Orlando Le Fleming - bass
John Ellis - bass clarinet
Patrick Cornelius

"Vasquez wisely concedes the first statement of the melody to the remarkable instrument possessed by vocalist Gretchen Parlato."
– Phil DiPietro, All About Jazz 

"...an all-star team of jazz hands – Aaron Parks, Adam Rogers, Orlando Le Fleming, Clarence Penn, Gregoire Maret and Gretchen Parlato – all of whom bring their A-game and take you on an astonishing journey that disregards conventional contemporary jazz
– Jason Gladu, Popjournalism, Canada.