francisco pais - school of enlightenment
francisco pais music – 2008
play track early shift
play track the thing with feathers

francisco pais - guitar
gretchen parlato - vocals
chris cheek - saxophone
leo genovese - piano
peter slavov - bass
damien cabaud - bass
ferenc nemeth - drums

Francisco Pais
"Gretchen Parlato adds heart-melting heat to the incandescence of this session by coupling her vocals to the poetry of Ann Bruno on two songs. “Early Shift,” first strummed with modern rock flavor, throttles to balladry having little to do with jazz, but everything to do with mood and hue, wherein the sounds and lyrics wash clean. “The Thing with Feathers” finds her not only pitch-perfect, but so emotionally so that, after repeated plays, the songs may grow tiring but never the singer. Both feature Cheek following Parlato's emotional arc with his instrument's own brand of heartfelt vocalization. The buzz on Parlato is that she's the singer from which everyone expects great things, but as these two gems reveal, she's delivering already."
- phil dipietro, all about jazz